The big winners and losers of the 2023 draft lottery

The intrigue is over the Spurs win the draft lottery and take over the pick with which presumably (and except for a historical surprise) Victor Wembanyama will arrive. The player, branded as a future star, will land in an entity that has always treated young promises well and will be at the side of Gregg Popovich, the best of all active coaches. Therefore, the Texan team is the main winner of a draw whose objective, depending on luck and classification, was to win the Frenchman, one of the youngsters who has created the most expectation before reaching the NBA in history.

Let’s remember that according to the current rules, only the four best teams are decided by lottery and are chosen among the 14 teams that do not make the playoffs. The team with the worst record has the best chance of getting a higher draft pick, but to avoid tanking this doesn’t mean the worst balance is locked in at No. 1.. After the top four positions (from the lottery placement system) are selected, the remainder of the first round draft order is reverse of the win-loss record of the remaining teams. Also, the lottery does not determine the order in later rounds of the draft.

But luckily the Spurs have had the Pistons and Rockets, who have come out of the top 3 in favor of the Hornets and Blazers. They are, therefore, two of the losers of the lottery, for which they have not had any luck despite having a better chance of taking first place than the franchises that precede them. The Mavericks, for their part, take the tenth position that they already had secured by not falling among the first four positions. This means that they keep their top 10 protected, something they already knew, so they will not have to transfer it to the Knicks because of the agreement they reached with the New Yorkers in the transfer of Kirstaps Porzingis.

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Gregg Popovich, who in his day already selected a Tim Duncan who was the leader of the 5 rings and 6 Finals that the Spurs played between 1999 and 2014, It is done again with an absolute promise that can change the tables of the Texans and that will surely put them back on the NBA map. At the end of the day, they have been made with one of the most anticipated players of all time.

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