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The big mystery in Mercedes F1 before the Monaco GP

The risky bet of the team of the driver Lewis Hamilton for the next Grand Prix regarding the improvements of the car

After a challenging start to the season, Mercedes F1 decided to introduce a significant enhancement package for the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix. However, the decision is shrouded in mystery and two conflicting possible motivations have surfaced in the debate: confidence or desperation.

mercedes promised to change your design philosophy after a tough weekend at the season opener in Bahrain. The team was expected to debut a heavily revised W14 car at the GP from Emilia Romagna earlier this month.

Red Bull at the Monaco GP

Canceled Imola race and its impact on upgrade plans

However, the race was canceled due to extreme weather conditions in the area around the Imola circuit in northern Italy. The loss of the Imola race has had knock-on effects on teams’ upgrade plans, with Ferrari being one of several teams that decided to delay the arrival of new parts until next month’s Spanish GP in Barcelona.

Despite this, Mercedes remains committed to present your improvement in Monte Carlo, a potentially brave move given the obvious risks associated with street racing. Tom Clarkson, presenter of the F1 press conference, believes the decision has been driven by confidence within Mercedes that the upgrade will bring significant gains, or, with only one podium finish in the first five races, the team has become desperate to put his 2023 season back on the right track.

The two possible readings of Mercedes’ decision

Clarkson said: “I’m really interested in Mercedes bringing these improvements to Monaco, because the obvious thing to do would be to do what Ferrari is doing and just push everything back a week. “Because there are so many risks associated with Monaco. Look at the mistakes pilots have made over the years. You can brush a barrier ever so slightly and that can take you out of the race, or it can harm an improvement,” Clarkson added.

Therefore, the fact that Mercedes is bringing these improvements could mean one of two things: “Is it because They have seen in the simulator that it is much faster, that we just have to bring them because it’s worth half a second per lap? Or is it a sign of despair? ‘We’re not sure, and the sooner we find out with a little track practice the better!’ It could be any of those things.”

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