The best possible signing for Inter Milan is already at Guiseppe Meazza

Not everything would be bad news for him Inter Milan. While it’s true that the arrival of terrible news has been the Italian team’s constant in this first stage of the transfer market, the situation seems to improve ostensibly for the interests of the team that has been in charge for weeks. Simone Inzaghi.

The economic problems of Inter Milan They forced their president to deal with a series of sales. And not just any, but the departures of some of its most important football players, such as achraf hakimi and your arrival at Paris Saint-Germain or how will it happen with Romelu Lukaku and his arrival more than possible at Chelsea.

That the Lombard team will lose some of its referents in the sports field is guaranteed, but it will have to try to replace them as best as possible with low-cost signings and receiving news as positive as that which circulated the world today: Christian Eriksen returned to Inter Milan discipline.

The future is still in the air, but less and less

Whether the Danish football star can return to the playing field in European football’s elite remains an unresolved question, for which we can only wait, but if one thing is certain, Christian Eriksen’s health has improved and the medical services of the The club will carry out a series of studies to verify its physical condition and the feasibility of continuing its career in one of the best teams in Italian and European football.

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