The Argentine government extends the ban on inclusive language to the national administration

Javier’s government Milei extended the ban on the use of including language to the entire state administration Argentinasomething that has already been used in the defense sector, presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni reported this Tuesday.

The government “will initiate measures to ban inclusive language and the gender perspective throughout the national public administration,” Adorni said at a news conference.

In a resolution published on the Presidency website last Friday, the same measure was announced in the Ministry of Defence, the Armed Forces and the decentralized organizations of this department.

“The language that covers all sectors is the Spanish language, I don’t understand why it should have structures. It is a debate in which we will not take part because we are of the opinion that gender perspectives have also been used as a political transaction.” “There is no discussion,” justified Adorni when asked about the reasons for the decision.

Although the use of inclusive language was discretionary, many state agencies had adopted it as a default rule.

These include the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (Inadi), whose closure the government announced last week when Adorni put it on a list of organizations that are “useless.”

With regard to language and due to these new guidelines, “it will not be possible to use the letter ‘e’, ​​the at sign, the ‘x’ (to indicate gender) and unnecessary inclusions of the female gender in all documents of the “To avoid public administration,” said the spokesman.

In the case of the armed forces, formulas such as “sergeant” for women or “soldier” for non-binary identities should be banned from official use, according to the resolution signed on Friday by Defense Minister Luis Petri.

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Mileiwho describes himself as an “anarcho-capitalist libertarian,” has never hidden his opposition to inclusive language and what he calls “gender ideology.”

According to the president, this is part of the “indoctrination” of “cultural Marxism,” an alleged movement to overturn the social order in the West.


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