The arbitration act, from not collecting anything from racist insults due to “a computer error” to doing so

If the Mestalla match had not been controversial enough, the referee De Burgos Bengoetxea initially drew up a match report that raised blisters for a few moments, since The Basque referee did not include in his first draft the racist insults that a sector of Mestalla uttered against Vinicius. However, he later rectified it and did add said incident. From the Technical Committee of Referees, said omission was attributed to a computer error.

In the 73rd minute, a spectator from the south stand “Mario Kempes” addressed the No20 Real Madrid CF player Don Vinicius José De Oliveira Do Nascimiento yelling at him: “Monkey, monkey” for which the racism protocol was activated, notifying the field delegate to make the corresponding announcement over the public address system. The match was stopped until said announcement was broadcast over the stadium’s public address system,” added the referee in the match report.

De Burgos Bengoetxea had indeed recorded in the first version of his minutes that he had to stop the match due to throwing objects onto the field of play: “In minute 71, when various objects fell into the area defended by the visiting team from the “Mario Kempes” south stand, the protocol for throwing objects was activated, notifying the field manager to make the corresponding announcement over the public address system”.

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