The Aiztondo Klasika, suspended due to lack of security measures: “It is a serious problem”

The problem with insurance for motorcyclists who do liaison work in Gipuzkoa cycling races It is also beginning to be noticed in the cycling calendar and this Thursday the suspension of the Aiztondo Klasika was announcedtest of the Spanish Cycling Cup and scheduled for March 12, for this reason.

The organization of the race itself thus communicated this decision through its social networks, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

“In view of the problems that have arisen for the organization of cycling races, Aiztondo Klasika Batzordea wants to state the following:

After the meeting held tonight by the management committee of Aiztondo Klasika Batzordea and before the problems that arose in Gipuzkoa for the organization of cycling events guaranteeing proper security for all participants, we are forced, very much to our regret, to suspend the Aitztondo Klasika to be held on March 12, 2023. The problems do not exclusively concern us, they are general and despite working with the same will and enthusiasm as always, every effort has been useless to carry out the organization of the race with the minimum guarantees.

The problem is serious and if it has a solution, it will come from the collaboration of all the parties involved”.

The problem of insuring motorcyclists in the Gipuzkoa bike races has also made front pages in prominent Gipuzkoan media such as El Diario Vasco, which this Thursday dedicates its front page to this matter with the headline ‘They run out of races’, highlighting that those most affected by this lack of protection are the cyclists of the different youth teams in a problem that worries the world of cycling if it continues to prolong.

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