Home Sports The AI ​​sneaks into the presentation of Pedro Porro with Tottenham

The AI ​​sneaks into the presentation of Pedro Porro with Tottenham

The young Spanish winger has changed Lisbon for London, where they have opted for a peculiar way of presenting their star signing in the winter transfer market

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly present in the world of football. It is well known that clubs use it to look for players of a specific profile in the transfer market, but it also intervenes in many other areas. One of these statements has been on social networks, as has been demonstrated with the presentation of Pedro Porro with his new club, the Tottenham.

The Spanish winger has starred in one of the winter market soap operas. After having received an approach from Chelsea, it has finally been the team led by Antonio Conte who has signed him. He has done it by transfer, although with a mandatory purchase option for 45 million euros. An amount that the Tottenham has had to agree to pay in order not to lose Pedro Porro.

Artificial Intelligence has played an essential role in the presentation of Pedro Porro

The presentation of Pedro Porro with Tottenham causes a sensation

However, and although his signing has been one of the most expensive and popular in the winter market, all this has come to nothing with its spectacular presentation. A presentation developed by the Tottenham communication department, which has received hundreds of applause on social networks for how original it has been, since nothing like it had ever been seen before.

Many consider that the presentation video is even better than the signing, which is saying something. And it is that, to announce his arrival, Tottenham has decided to use Artificial Intelligence. In this way, emulating a conversation with Chat GPT, the AI ​​has been giving them ideas on how to announce the arrival of the player to their new club.

The IA presents the signing of Pedro Porro

Among the ideas that Artificial Intelligence has given to the London club are those of writing a statement and posting it on the web, changing the biography of social networks or following the new team on social networks. But if all these fail, you should try characterize the player as if he were a well-known character that matched his name.

This is how, at the end of the Tottenham presentation video, we have seen Pedro Porro dressed in the mythical mask of ‘El Zorro’. Quickly, the jokes about his name have circulated on social networks, where they have applauded how fun and original his presentation video has been. A video that we have never seen before in the world of football and that will mark a before and after.

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