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‘The Afghan war is devastating and terrible, but there is no military solution’

According to foreign media, the civil war-ravaged Afghan country faces more difficulties following the withdrawal of US and allied forces from Afghanistan, as the Afghan Taliban have established control over several areas since the withdrawal of US forces.

According to media reports, the Taliban killed an Afghan government spokesman in Kabul and seized control of the provincial capital, Zaranj.

The UN special envoy has said that the Taliban had promised a political solution to the problem, but nothing has happened yet, why would a party that wants a political solution to the problem risk the death of so many civilians?

Special Representative Deborah Lyons added that talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government began last year, but have not yielded any results.

“There is no military solution to the Afghan situation, but in the current situation, the reality is that it is moving towards a full-scale war and a civil war,” he said.

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