The advice of businesswoman Nathaly Zamora to be successful

Venezuelan Nathaly Zamora is a publicist who has managed to make her way in an industry as competitive as public relations and entertainment. To date, she has her own agency called Zamora Group, she has more than 15 years of experience and represents various international personalities.

In his native country, he worked in advertising agencies representing clients such as DirecTV, Nokia Latam and The Famous Grouse. However, in 2009, with his knowledge and experience in her suitcase, she decided to emigrate to the United States to expand her job opportunities.

However, it was not easy to insert himself into this world, since when he decided to emigrate to the United States in search of broader work options, he began with jobs outside his profession until he managed to stabilize and then make his way in the relationship industry. public

The publicist comments that among the most difficult challenges she has had to deal with in the industry is that it continues to be macho, so when they see that a woman is in charge, they believe that she will not be able to handle the project or that they can pass over her. .

“My clients did not get where they are from one day to the next, it has been years of work, and I have learned to overcome challenges with character, with personality to show that I am a woman, but no one is going to pass me by and I am going to achieve the success of my clients and overthrow those doubts about whether I will be able to”, indicates Zamora.

The publicist mentions that she dedicated herself to public relations not thinking about money, but about the social work that makes her happy, uniting talents and making her clients grow. For this reason, Zamora tends to get involved with the brands she represents and always gives them more than a PR would ordinarily do.

Nathaly Zamora reveals that one of the moments in which she has seen her achievements as a Latina woman reflected in the industry as a publicist is being part of Miami Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week hand in hand with the designer Custo Barcelona.

“I think that after that pressure and nerves passed before and during the parade, realizing that I, a Venezuelan immigrant, who fought so hard to open her agency and make herself known, was there as a fundamental part of such an important event in the clothing industry. Fashion. I confess that I cried with emotion and self-pride, because once again I had understood that nothing is impossible”, mentions Zamora.

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