The 5 elements an urban park must have to be sustainable

The concept of sustainability is relatively new, but it is already transversal to our reality. It is a tool to leave our children a world where they can live with dignity and respect for nature.

Based on the basic importance of natural resources, sustainability is the set of processes that will help us to generate social progress and to live a healthier and more respectful life with the planet, with other living beings and with future generations.

Urban parks are not exempt from being crossed by this concept, especially if we are talking about quality of life and natural spaces for children.

These green areas are no longer mere ornamental spaces in the middle of the city, but have become essential for urban ecosystems, shelter biodiversity, invite leisure and recreation, and may even contribute to the promotion of environmental education.

A sustainable urban park

A sustainable urban park differs from others due to its self-sufficiency in resources, its integration into the broader urban system and its new concepts and aesthetic expressions.

This is reflected in its constructive and operational, physical and social aspects, and is represented in energy savings, material resources (fertilizers, soil preparation and water) and maintenance costs, recycling, sediment control, noise and pollution reduction, the configuration based on the ecology of the place, the design and successive management of the vegetation, the contribution to social well-being and public health, accessibility, connectivity and social and urban integration in the city.

In summary, for an urban park to be considered sustainable, its planning and design must meet five fundamental elements:

  • Use of renewable energy
  • Deployment of native or low-maintenance vegetation
  • Differentiated management and waste treatment
  • Use and use of water
  • Equipment materials (games, structures, seating, signage, sports courts, etc.)

Equipment that a sustainable park should have

One of the fundamental aspects for a park to be sustainable is the equipment and materials with which they are made.

Depending on the type of sustainable urban park, we can find parks aimed at leisure and recreation, sport and education, but all have mostly common structures such as lights, paths, signage and an area with playground equipment for parks.

Children’s games for parks

Play is a very important part of children’s development and is a fundamental right. Playing, they learn to socialize, develop psychomotricity, improve self-esteem and the ability to relate to the world.

Playing is of vital importance for learning and building citizenship practices, therefore, there is nothing better than doing it in public spaces and outdoors such as urban parks.

Children’s games for parks, in addition to being fun, must be safe in terms of dynamics and game materials.

The materials with which children’s games are made in sustainable urban parks must meet sustainability criteria. Given this, there are three classic options:

  • Wooden games: they are games that harmonize more with the landscape because they are built with natural materials such as wood, hammocks with jute ropes, among others. Their designs are more about promoting dexterity and inviting adventure.
  • Games with reused materials: these games are typical of spaces created by the community with limited economic resources, where the concept of reuse is put at the service of creativity in order to cover the playful needs of children. Tires in disuse intervened with different colors are normally used to create ludic games.
  • Toys with recycled materials: they are generally games made of recycled plastic, with attractive designs and colors that invite children to have fun.

Children’s games for parks made of recycled plastic have some advantages over other materials:

  • They require almost no maintenance.
  • Won’t rot or chip
  • they are safe
  • They resist rain and moisture.
  • Service life of more than 50 years
  • Promote recycling awareness
  • Contribute to sustainability


A sustainable urban park, among many other elements, must consider children in its conception and operation. Because, as we said, sustainability is also that, making your world better, today and in the future.

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