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The 3 TOP clubs that want to sign Dean Huijsen

The 3 TOP clubs that want to sign Dean Huijsen

Arsenal, Manchester United and Newcastle United are all interested in promising 18-year-old Dutch defender Dean Huijsen. According to a report from Italy. These three Premier League clubs would be willing to offer him an exit from Serie A club Juventus, where he is currently on loan at Roma.

Huijsen is considered an up-and-coming talent across Europe and could be a valuable asset to any of these teams. With the potential to become an important player in the future, his acquisition could strengthen the defenses of all three English clubs.

The 3 TOP clubs that want to sign Dean Huijsen

-Arsenal: For Arsenal, who are fighting for the Premier League title and looking to excel in the UEFA Champions League, Huijsen would add depth and defensive cover to the team and allow them to compete at a higher level in multiple competitions.

-Newcastle: Meanwhile, Newcastle United, who are looking to improve their defensive performance to return to the Champions League, have the financial resources to sign Huijsen and improve their squad for future challenges.

-Manchester United: Manchester United, meanwhile, could consider Huijsen as an option to strengthen their defense, especially if they need to replace key players in the summer.

For the 18-year-old, who is looking for regular playing time to continue his development, a move to one of these clubs could be beneficial. Given his situation at Juventus and potential lack of first-team opportunities, Huijsen could be open to a transfer if he is guaranteed playing time.

Given his high ratings across Europe, Juventus could demand a premium for Huijsen, but it will be interesting to see if any of these clubs manage to strike a deal for him in the upcoming transfer market. Huijsen’s fate in the summer remains a topic of interest as the transfer window approaches.

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