The 2023 Income Campaign Begins: How to Download the Draft?


Sara Anguera. The draft income tax return is a document provided by the tax authority before the start of the 2023 income tax campaign, giving taxpayers the opportunity to know the result of their tax return in advance. Access to this draft, in turn, allows taxpayers to understand their tax obligations in advance, helping to avoid errors, fines and inspections by the Treasury Department.

Likewise, this draft contains the tax data recorded by the tax authority for each taxpayer and serves as a preparatory tool that allows saving time and effort in planning to deal with the income tax campaign. In case of return of the declaration, the taxpayer can find out the exact amount corresponding to him. On the other hand, if the bill of exchange states that a payment must be made, the taxpayer has the opportunity to view all the data, verify its accuracy and schedule the payment, which can be made in several installments.

To effectively manage the draft tax return, it is recommended to use the Open WEB Income Service, a tool provided by the Ministry of Finance to simplify the return process. This service allows taxpayers to view, modify and confirm their draft return, ensuring a more agile and efficient process. It is important to note that the draft is only a preliminary version. Therefore, it should be thoroughly reviewed and any necessary changes made before confirmation.

What are the steps to receive this draft income 2023?

To request this draft income for 2023-2024, you must first access the “Renta WEB Open Servicio Web Income” website or the Draft Processing Service / Declaration (Income) page. To access the income draft on this page, you must first identify yourself, either with your DNI or NIE, a mobile phone code or with a company reference number.

Next, after identification on the platform, when the income tax return is filed for the first time, a first window will appear displaying the identification details and the other applicants who are part of the family unit. It is important to note that some data, such as: B. marital status or information about minors or legally incompetent children under extended or rehabilitated parental custody cannot be changed later.

On the other hand, if your marital status is “MARRIED” but you do not want to provide the spouse’s tax information, you must check the corresponding box so that the return can be calculated individually.

If you want to compare the result of the declaration in the different types of taxation, individual or joint taxation, when making declarations with your spouse, you will need the spouse’s reference number or a PIN code that allows access. In this case, you must click on the “Reference/Cl@ve PIN” button under the “Spouse Authorization” section and identify the spouse using one of these systems.

The necessary documents for the 2023 income tax return

After accepting the identification data mask, the control data is then transferred. Additional information may be requested for data integration. However, if no further information needs to be added to complete the return, a corresponding note will appear and you will be redirected directly to the return overview. From there you can check the result of the declaration for each modality and complete it if necessary.

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In the event that data is missing from the declaration, a window will first be displayed indicating exactly which data is missing for each taxpayer. This will allow you to complete this information in the relevant section of the declaration. Using the View Tax Information button above, you can view the incorporation documents, which contain more detailed information, and then proceed to complete the information in the appropriate section.

As far as the documents required for filing the income tax return are concerned, the following are primarily required:

  • Payslips detailing income and withholdings received in the previous financial year.
  • Bank statements reflecting account transactions.
  • Proof of mortgage payments, if any.
  • Medical expense bills that may be deductible.
  • Documents proving the donations made and for which tax relief is possible.
  • If you are self-employed, it is important to have updated accounting books and invoices issued and received.

What you should consider when filing your 2023 income tax return

Regardless of any changes made or additional declarations, it is essential to attach all relevant supporting documents. This means you can meet all tax administration requirements and prove the accuracy of the information in your tax return for 2024. Therefore, organization and careful preparation can be crucial when preparing and submitting your income tax return for the period 2023-2024.

These are the most important dates you should consider

  • April 3, 2024: The request for the draft and the opening of the period for online filing of the income tax return begin.
  • May 7, 2024: Make an appointment and the deadline for filing your income tax return by telephone begins.
  • May 25, 2024: Please make an appointment to submit the declaration in person.
  • June 3, 2024: The period for submitting the declaration in person begins.
  • June 26, 2024: If the result is paid by direct debit, the deadline for submitting the declaration online has expired.
  • June 26, 2024: It is the last day on which you can request an appointment to submit the declaration by telephone or in person.
  • July 1, 2024: The deadline for filing income tax returns by any means ends.

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