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The 2 finalists to get Loren out of Betis fight for promotion to Liga Santander

The sand in the clock of the striker from Marbella is running out in the Bético club and his destination is in LaLiga Smartbank where he could return to first division very soon

Barely 13 minutes has played the attacker Loren Moron in this season with the elastic of the Real Betis. The current level of the player is quite low to the point that he was not even enrolled in the list of the europa league. His contract is signed until 2024 and for a long time Antonio Cordon seeks an immediate destination.

For the peace of mind of the sports director and several managers of the green and white set, two candidates have appeared to take over the services of the Marbella striker. Both currently play in LaLiga Smartbank although it is not just any club. In fact, one of the interested parties marches as the lone leader of the contest. This factor makes one think Loren Morón whether or not to leave Betis.

  Betis Loren
Although Loren Morón does not want to leave Betis, his agent recommends that he should leave as soon as possible.

Betis listens to offers from the two second-tier teams for Loren Morón

The 28-year-old attacker doesn’t like the idea of ​​being downgraded, but now it’s the only way for him to rack up minutes. No LaLiga Santander team has sent offers for him, which is contrary to LaLiga Smartbank. Deportivo Alavés and Granada CF appear there, who almost at the same time have called the offices of the Heliopolitano team asking about the player.

In the two offers it is stipulated that they want the transfer of the striker for the next 6 months, that is, to execute in this winter market. To the Betis It seems very good to him as long as the team that wins the operation takes charge of the token. However, Loren Morón has not yet pronounced as he expects a first class club.

Loren Morón understands that he has to leave Betis

On several occasions, the former Vélez CF has stated that he wants to continue at the Sevillian club but understands that it is not in Pellegrini’s plans. As much as he tries to convince the Chilean in the training sessions, he has already made the decision not to include him in his squad. In this way, his agent suggests that he change teams for the remainder of the season, and even for the remainder of his contract at Betis.

Even if you don’t like it, Alavés and Granada are the best options at the moment. Even if he signs with the club from Vitoria, he has one foot in the first division since the squad led by Luis García has great regularity. On the other hand, the Nazarí team is also getting closer to the playoff zone and it is most likely that they will reach the top 6 at the end of the season.

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