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Texas executes a Mexican-American who maintains his innocence until the end

The images are courtesy of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and show booking photos of death row inmate Ivan Cantú from 2021.

After 23 years, Ivan Cantú was executed this Wednesday evening in Texas, although he maintained his innocence until the end in a case that attracted the attention of celebrities in the United States. The Mexican-American, 50 years old, He was convicted in 2001 for the murders of his cousin James Mosqueda and his fiancée Amy Kitchen the year before.

To the Kitchen and Mosqueda families. I want you to know that I never killed James and Amy. And if I had done it, if I had known who did it, they would have been the first to know all the information that could help bring justice,” Cantú said, minutes before he was given the lethal injection at a prison in Huntsville, north of Houston received.

The state authorities denied him his privileges Requests for clemency despite the evidence that has emerged for a possible re-investigation of the case.

His then-partner Amy Boettcher, who has since died, said he admitted his guilt and took her to Mosqueda’s house to show her the bodies and look for drugs. Boettcher’s brother also accused him, but later recanted it.

Among the evidence at the trial was a pair of pants with the victims’ blood found in the trash can in Cantú’s kitchen. His lawyers claim Boettcher lied and that another person placed the item of clothing there that did not belong to the defendant.

Even The foreman of the jury that convicted him later called for further investigation.

Cantú blamed the murders on a drug dealer to whom his cousin owed money.

The Texas bishops’ conference had pushed to stop the execution “Significant uncertainties” in the case.

Meanwhile, actress Jane Fonda shared on her social networks a video of her colleague Martin Sheen, an opponent of the death penalty, who called on people to sign a petition calling on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to grant a stay of execution . from Cantu.

Reality star Kim Kardashian had also asked the governor for an extension “To allow time for new evidence to be assessed.” and “a man wrongfully convicted” should not be executed.

With information from AFP.


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