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Jaya Bachchan challenged the trolls and said, “If you have the courage, show it in front…”

Jaya Bachchan challenged the trolls and said,

Veteran Bollywood actress Jaya Bachchan has once again come into the limelight. The actress has slammed social media trolls. In fact, a new promo video of Navya Naveli’s podcast show ‘What the Hell Navya’ recently surfaced.

In this video, along with Jaya Bachchan, her daughter Shweta Bachchan can also be seen talking about trolling. When Jaya’s granddaughter Navya asked her grandmother a question about trolling on social media, Jaya Bachchan expressed her displeasure over it.

In the video, Navya can be seen saying that “people get maximum views and comments on negative comments.” To this, Jaya Bachchan said, “If you want to comment, then write something positive.” But no, you have made your judgment. Navya further says, “If you force these people to sit in front of you, they won’t be able to say anything.” Hearing this, Jaya Bachchan says, “You will have the courage to say something.” If you have the courage , then show it by commenting on the real thing. Show your face.

Shweta also expressed her opinion on trolling and said, “Nowadays people get happy after seeing other people’s problems, which is called schadenfreude.”

A few days ago, Jaya Bachchan was seen as a guest on her granddaughter Navya’s show where she gave a special advice to the ‘Gen Ji’ group. When Navya asked her grandmother about the meaning of love, Jaya Bachchan called it “compatibility, adaptation and understanding”.

When Navya asked him: What do you think is a warning sign in a relationship? To this, Jaya Bachchan said, “One thing I really don’t like is when people call each other Tu or Tum.” Have you ever heard me use such words for my grandmother? We should know our limitations which are rarely seen in today’s generation. Today’s young generation enters into relationships but doesn’t fall in love.

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