The departure of the attacker in the Sevillian club would drag another of the good players that Pellegrini has

One of the operations that are already confirmed in the Betis it is the output of the catalan attacker Christian Tello. The left-handed winger failed to reach an agreement with the sevillian painting and will leave in this summer market. His destiny will be football in Turkey where the Trabzonsporcurrent Superliga champion, has given him a place in the squad led by Abdullah Avci.

The operation has gone very well for Manuel Pellegrini and his coaching staff since they have a free place in the offensive field to sign. The problem is that the Sabadellian is convincing another of the players of the Betic template to go with him to Ottoman football. Like the Turkish club is in the bid for him.

Betis Tello
Defender Marc Bartra is also on Trabzonspor’s agenda, a team that has already signed Tello.

Trabzonspor wants to fish double in Betis, Tello and Bartra

The name of Marc Bartra, one of the starting defenders in the Chilean coach’s scheme, also appears on the Kaplanlar club’s agenda. The Ottoman team wants to take advantage of the fact that the player in question has not renewed either and make a big deal out of the Sevillian squad. The plan is to get the forward out of the hand of the Tarragona defender.

Another detail that should be noted is that Cristian Tello and Bartra are very good friends, something that Trabzonspor has seen as a strategy to persuade the defender. On the other hand, Antonio Cordón is in a hurry to renew the defender and make it much more difficult to remove him from the Verdiblanco squad.

Luckily for Betis, Tello’s friend does not want to go to football in Turkey

As if it were an incentive for the Bético club, the same defender has stated that if he changed teams in this or the next summer market, it would not be in the Turkish league. In the same way he has made it clear that he wishes the best of luck to his friend and attacker but his plans are not to go to Trabzonspor.

That does not mean that the central defender has given the yes for the renewal with the Sevillian club. If we analyze the defender’s words carefully, what he meant is that he is waiting for offers from leagues with more cache. Likewise, the Betica sports management wastes no time and turns on its machines to speed up the contract extension process for the player.


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