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Tebas and LaLiga in ridicule with the classification of Sevilla FC for the final of the Europa League

There is a tremendous mess in the planning of the final matches in LaLiga Santander, which could greatly affect the interests of the Nervión team, after their agonizing passage to the continental final.

Sevilla FC makes history once again and shows why it is the maximum champion of the Europa League, regardless of the level at which it is. a few weeks ago the club nervión they struggled not to fall into relegation, and now they dream of their seventh international conquest in this tournament. A setback that no one expected, much less javier thebes.

All of Sevillismo are happy about their team’s passage to the grand final of the Europa League, where they will have to face José Mourinho’s AS Roma. The vibrant clash will take place on May 31 in the city of Budapest, 72 hours after they play against Real Madrid. That includes that the Seville club will have to make the effort to travel to Hungary much sooner.

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If Sevilla FC lift their seventh Europa League title and remain in the 7th place of LaLiga Santander, Spain will not have a representative in the Conference League.

Javier Tebas and his intention not to fix the calendar for Sevilla FC ahead of the Europa League final

In general, when Spanish teams have international matches, whether in the Champions League or the Europa League, they play during the week, on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. That means your local engagements are scheduled on Friday or Saturday of the week before. However, the Nervión squad will have to play against the Merengue team on Sunday, May 28, and then on Wednesday, May 31, in Budapest.

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, hinted that the days are already established, and they cannot modify them. This is a big blow for Sevilla FC, regarding the physical preparation they may have for the continental final. However, there are some dark interests so that the Seville club does not add more points in LaLiga Santander.

Why doesn’t Tebas want to modify Sevilla FC’s calendar and help them for the Europa League final?

The Sevilla fans and various media related to the Nervión team have connected the dots, and have come to the conclusion that the calendar will not be modified to deliberately harm Sevilla. This is so that the team led by Mendilibar does not end up in seventh place in the table. Let’s remember that this box gives room to the Conference League.

If the Sevillian club adds up in the last 4 league games remaining, remains in seventh place, and wins the Europa League, Spain will not have a representative in the Conference League. Which means that it will have 5 teams in the Champions League. This also directly affects clubs such as: Girona, Athletic, Osasuna, Rayo Vallecano and all those who have the option of reaching that position.

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