KABUL: The Islamic Emirate has announced new laws regarding women in Afghanistan.

Concerns over women’s rights and education have been hotly debated in Afghanistan since the Taliban took control, and the Taliban have now announced new laws on women.

According to the report, 8 point instructions have been sent by the Taliban to the TV channels.

The new law bans women from working in TV dramas, and requires female reporters and anchors to wear the hijab. Films that promote foreign culture will be banned, as will films that violate Islamic law and Afghan values.

Foreign TV dramas are usually aired on Afghan TV channels in which women play the lead roles.

Hujjatullah Mujaddidi, a member of the organization representing journalists in Afghanistan, said the measures taken by the Taliban were “unexpected”.

Speaking to the BBC, he said that it was not possible to carry out certain orders and if this had to be done, the channel would have no choice but to close.

The mayor of Kabul has also told female employees working in local bodies that if their work is something that men cannot do, then they should come to work or stay at home.



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