Sustainability, key in the purchase decision of the Spaniards

Jealsaa leading company in the manufacture and distribution of canned fish and shellfish, presents the new conclusions of the second edition of the study ‘Radiography of the Responsible Consumer’ made by your Observatory of Consumption and Sustainability. This time, the data shows how the environment and sustainability are aspects that have become even more important since the start of the pandemic for 84% of Spaniards.

Spaniards, increasingly aware of exercising responsible consumption

The pandemic has transformed society’s living and consumption habits, generating greater respect for the environment and greater concern for health.

In fact, according to the second edition of the study, after the pandemic, the 62% of Spaniards say they practice consumption that is more respectful of the environment. And it is that society is becoming increasingly aware that their lifestyle and diet have an impact on the environment, so maintaining responsible behavior when purchasing any product is becoming increasingly important.

Regarding the consumption of fish and shellfish, this second edition reflects that Spaniards are below the ideal consumption of fish, since only 21% consume it between three and four times a week, the weekly quantity recommended by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition. Nevertheless, 46% of Spaniards have increased their consumption of canned fish and 22% confirm that they have done so to be more respectful of the environment.

The results of this X-ray have also revealed that the 33% of Spaniards verify that the fish and shellfish products they are going to purchase come from responsible fishing systems, even though this purchase exercise is not as easy as consumers demand, since 45% of those surveyed lack the necessary information to be able to carry it out. 20% highlight the lack of information on the recyclability of the product, 10% underline the difficulty in knowing the origin of the raw materials and also emphasize the need for greater transparency in packaging and more information on the traceability of the product .

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In this context, it is not surprising that Sustainability and care for the environment policies of companies influence 4 out of 10 consumers in at least 60% in the decisions to purchase their products. On the other hand, for 10% of those surveyed, sustainability and care for the environment influence 100% of their purchase decision, while for 33% it influences between 30 and 50%.

Corporate Social Responsibility, fundamental for companies and consumers

Another key aspect for Spaniards is Corporate Social Responsibility, and how companies employ sustainable policies for a more responsible future. A) Yes, For 67% of Spaniards, it is essential that companies have their own Corporate Social Responsibility programin such a way as to promote the well-being of the employees themselves and of society, contributing to sustainable development based on care and respect for the environment.

“With this new edition of the ‘Responsible Consumer X-Ray’ carried out by our ‘Consumer and Sustainability Observatory’, we have been able to detect how Spaniards attach great importance to corporate responsibility policies before purchasing their products. This reaffirms our commitment and commitment to sustainability in a transversal way in all our activities”it states Sandra Alvarellos, Jealsa Marketing Director.

Ángeles Claro, director of sustainability and the We Sea program at Jealsaadds for his part that “This greater awareness on the part of society is very important for Jealsa, since we are a company with a focus on sustainability since its foundation that helps improve economic and social well-being and the natural environment and that defends consumption that respects the environment. environment”.

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