The culé club wants the Valencian side again to say goodbye to Jordi Alba

the season of FC Barcelona could be summed up in one word, failure, which is why they want to put together a super team for the next campaign, and they will start with Alexander Grimaldo. The ex-canterano culé was never able to play with the first team, because of the Barcelona B jumped into benficawhere he has done very well and has become an extremely important piece there.

The contract of Valencian lane win in the 2023, and in recent weeks it has been postponing its renewal, as it has other plans. Those same plans could coincide with those of Xaviin which the coach looks for the replacement for Jordi Alba. The hospitalense has a foot and a half outside the box culéand the coach would not give the endorsement for him to stay in the 2022-23 season.

Barcelona Grimaldo
Trincao would not stay at Wolverhampton, but he would not return to Barcelona either.

Barcelona sacrificed to sign Alejandro Grimaldo

The Blaugrana club has all the cards in its favor to achieve the signing of the left back. On the one hand, the Valencian wants a change of scenery and for this reason he is putting off his renewal with Benfica. On the other hand, returning to the club that trained him as a professional and also gave him the foundations to succeed abroad, is one of his dreams.

On the other hand, the eagle club is interested in one of the Barça club’s players, although he is now in the Premier League. We are talking about Francisco Trincao who plays on loan at Wolverhampton. The attacker will be returned and Xavi has no place for him. Now that Benfica is interested in his services, Barca will take the opportunity to barter.

Alejandro Grimaldo is the signing par excellence for Barcelona’s left wing

With the Barça bases in his sports training, Alejandro Grimaldo has shone with his own light since 2015, the year in which he landed at the Estádio da Luz. With the passing of the seasons, the level of the Valencian has been increasing, to the point of being part of the sub 17, sub 19, and sub 20 divisions and in some friendlies with the seniors.

His current performance has given him the starting job without discussion, and he is also one of the best in the eagle defense. His level is so high that Barcelona is willing to do whatever it takes to recover his services. For this reason, he has proposed the business to the Lisbon team, taking advantage of the fact that they are interested in the Portuguese attacker.

The conditions of Grimaldo to the FC Barcelona

Alex Grimaldo He is one of the most interesting players at Benfica, a club that was able to surprise FC Barcelona. And it is precisely that the Catalans took on the challenge in Portugal with an eye on possible incorporations, taking great references from soccer players like Darwin Nunez. The defeat was painful, but there are great troops for the future.

It was a 3-0 that did not go well at all in the internal Blaugrana since it was revealed in the Estadio de La Luz. That yes, some emissaries of the picture of Camp Nou they did have a great job and took away some interesting data. This is how they want the return of the southpaw to the Barcelona.

Seville GrimaldoSeville Grimaldo
Grimaldo wants to return to Barcelona

Grimaldo wants to return to FC Barcelona

One day he left La Masía for Portugal where he found opportunities. Of course, he never leaves aside his feeling for the culé team, to which he dreams of returning. It is a great option for the future, but one that would not be entirely easy for those at the Camp Nou to assume. First, because of its rising cost and second because it has set some conditions.

Álex Grimaldo has asked the sports management of FC Barcelona that for his return to take place, he has to be a permanent fixture in the eleven. On this, it is understood that the one who should leave the club is none other than Jordi Alba. In turn, this would be a phase that Joan Laporta has wanted to carry out for some time, since the winger’s age and performance is not adequate and he wants to find his way out.

He is a player of great technical quality and good transitions

Benfica’s left-hander is an interesting bet, who has a contract until 2023, so being so close could be an advantage. If the Catalans make a good enough offer and comply with the requests of the left back, this operation could be directed in the best way.

“Barça is my home and I am never going to close the door of my home. It is clear that Barcelona is still one of the best and I would never say no to him”. Álex Grimaldo has mentioned, making a clear nod to Joan Laporta. For now, they will have to define the departure of Jordi Alba and in this way give a renewal to this demarcation.


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