Home World Supposed daughter of Pelé will have reserved inheritance until kinship is verified

Supposed daughter of Pelé will have reserved inheritance until kinship is verified

Supposed daughter of Pelé will have reserved inheritance until kinship is verified

A woman who claims to be the daughter of the deceased former Brazilian soccer player Edson Arantes do Nascimento ‘Pelé’ will have her part of the inheritance reserved until the relationship is verified, the family’s lawyer reported this Saturday.

"The part that would be assigned to her, considering the possibility of her being an heir, will be obligatorily reserved."pointed out in an interview to the G1 portal, of the Globo network, the lawyer Augusto Miglioli, who represents three of the six children of the legendary soccer player.

In his will, Pelé himself, who died on December 29 at the age of 82, a victim of cancer, admitted the possibility of being the father of Maria do Socorro Azevedo, of whom no further details are available.

Last year, the woman instituted a paternity recognition process before the Public Defender of the State of Sao Paulo and the regional Court of Justice even notified Pelé, but the worsening of his health prevented a genetic test from being carried out.

However, Pelé included Maria do Socorro in the will and the test to verify her relationship will be carried out with Pelé’s other children.

In the event of the paternity result being negative, the lawyer explained, this reserve will be distributed among the other heirs.

"What there is is an expectation of law and if it is confirmed, in fact, she will become an heir"stressed the lawyer for Edson Cholbi Nascimento ‘Edinho’, Kely and Jennifer Nascimento.

Edinho, who is a soccer coach and played as a goalkeeper for Santos, was appointed by the family as executor in the property distribution process, in which Pelé left 30% for his widow, the businesswoman Márcia Aoki, and the rest for their children and two grandchildren.

The distribution of Pelé’s fortune is kept secret from Justice, but according to the American business magazine Forbes, the assets left could reach 15 million dollars, although local media say that the figure may be even higher.

Pelé was also married to Rosimeri Cholbi, with whom he had three children (Edinho, Jennifer and Kely) and Assiria Nascimento, mother of twins (Joshua and Celeste).

Flávia Nascimento is another daughter from an out-of-wedlock relationship and the list of heirs is completed with Otavio and Gabriel Felinto, their grandchildren and sons of Sandra Regina, who was recognized as Pelé’s daughter by Justice and died of cancer in 2006.

Pelé also allocated part of the fortune to his sister Maria Lúcia, who cares for her hundred-year-old mother Celeste Arantes in the city of Santos.

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