Such a major attack had not taken place

The Uruguayan Milka Chesler has lived in for several years Israel. This Sunday he spoke to Underlined about how he lived stroke Iranian attack on this country that had taken place just hours earlier.

Chesler was at a friend’s house, he said. He decided to return home and be “prepared” for the next few minutes.

“The whole country was preparing for what was to come. It took a few hours,” he said. And he said he was “very scared” because “he didn’t know” what was going to happen. This also includes spending the night in emergency accommodation.

“The situation is very difficult,” he added. And he said that he even lived in the south of Israel and was worried, but that he had never experienced anything like this.

“Yesterday was different, several countries did not have such a major attack against Israel,” he said.

Chesler said that the country had “returned to some sort of routine” this Sunday morning, but not completely: classes were suspended, as were other activities.

According to the authorities, gatherings of more than 100 people are not allowed. “There is a lot of uncertainty,” he said. And he urged “not to forget” that there were “133 people kidnapped in the Gaza Strip.”

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