Sub 20 World Cup: an Iraqi footballer, accused of alleged sexual abuse in a hotel in La Plata

A few hours before the start of the U-20 World Cup in Argentina, an Iraqi soccer player who is staying with his country’s delegation in La Plata awaiting the debut next Sunday was accused of allegedly sexually abusing a restaurant employee. from the hotel, who until now has refused to file a police report and preferred to keep his identity secret, as well as that of the abuser, judicial sources reported.

The case occurred in the restaurant on the top floor of the Dazzler hotel, located on Calle 54 between 13 and 14, in front of Plaza Moreno in the Buenos Aires capital, and prompted a wide deployment of security.

So far, the victim refused to file a formal complaint with the authorities, but the case, which involves other episodes of bad behavior by the delegation, came to light this Friday and is under investigation, judicial sources informed Télam.

The act of abuse would have occurred on Thursday when one of the Arab soccer players, whose name was not released, forced and touched the intimate parts of the restaurant employee.

The young woman began to scream and this led to the intervention of the hotel’s security personnel, who immediately notified the agents posted on the scene for security reasons while the Under 20 World Cup was taking place.

The agents interviewed the young woman and she reported what had happened but decided not to materialize the complaint, which prevents the progress of a criminal action against the accused. In any case, the prosecutor’s office in charge of Álvaro Garganta requested a report from the Chief of the La Plata Department, Sebastián Perea.

Authorities from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security acted in the place. There was a meeting between the hotel staff, the consulate, FIFA, between the victim and the perpetrator. In addition, according to police sources, the Iraqi delegation had misbehavior since its arrival.

Some of its members walked through the hotel reception in their underwear, intentionally activated the fire alarm system, mistreated a translator and forced an elevator for having been used with overweight.

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