“Stylacho”, the barber who cuts the hair of the street people

A Colombian hairdresser has managed to change the lives of dozens of street dwellers by giving them haircuts and sharing their stories through their social networks.

Estiwar Rodríguez, known as “Stylacho,” became a major influence in the way he helped people living on the streets due to drugs and other social problems.

So this hairdresser walks the streets of Medellín looking for stories and trying to change lives with a simple haircut.

“Do you remember what you were like before you went out on the street?” is usually one of the questions that “Stylacho” asks all people who agree to have their hair and beard cut.

In this way, this Colombian walks the streets with a chair, a mirror and his hairdressing kit to look for all these people who live in difficult conditions.

Use your art to change lives

“Stylacho” starts talking to them as if he were a friend, listening to their life stories and trying to help them in any way he could.

Within minutes, he gains their trust and begins his work by turning on his hairdressing machine to change the appearance of these street people.

The change surprises all of these people as the hairdresser hands them a mirror to show them their new looks and perhaps remind them of their former lives.

Estiwar started doing street pranks a few years ago to go viral. But one day he decided to use his hairdressing skills to change lives.

In this way, he understood that this was the best way to become an influencer that would have a positive impact on society.

He began to practice the art of hairdressing empirically by styling his family and friends in his hometown of Tutunendo, Chocó.

“Stylacho” does not want to force or force anyone to leave the world in which every person finds themselves, and therefore it does not judge their condition and the only thing it tries to do is change this reality.

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While these people are socially rejected due to their condition, this hairdresser tries to listen to them, understand them and give them some advice that can serve as a light or guide to improve their condition.

Young people, old people, foreigners and even people who were once prominent professionals but ended up living on the streets have passed through his barbershop.

“My videos are more than a space to talk to residents and learn their stories. These videos also help to soothe the hearts of mothers who have suffered for years because of the disappearance of a child and even believe that there is no hope,” Estiwar said.

His videos went viral and were viewed thousands of times on social networks. There he shows his everyday life and all the stories he documents to make his followers aware of the dangers of drugs and bad influences.

But what comforts him most is the knowledge that he is making a small contribution to try to improve their situation by carrying out these social tasks and providing assistance to these people and in disadvantaged areas.

In fact, with his videos he has managed to help these street dwellers meet their families, who had reported them missing for several years and even thought they were dead.

Stylacho defines his job as “blessed to bless” and he does that every time he cuts the hair of someone who has a whole life story to tell.

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