Stoltenberg says war brings Ukraine closer to NATO

Brussels, (BLAZETRENDS).- The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, considered that Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine is bringing that country closer to the Atlantic Alliance, as the interoperability of its forces with the allies through the transfer of military equipment.

They are getting closer to NATO when it comes to managing the different NATO systems,” Stoltenberg stressed during a conference organized by the German Marshall Fund think tank on the upcoming allied summit to be held in Vilnius in July.

Asked if he believes that the invasion of Russia in February 2022 makes it easier for Ukraine to join the Alliance, the Norwegian politician answered “yes and no.”

First, he noted that “everyone has realized that becoming a member in the middle of the war is not on the agenda,” adding that the question really is “what will happen when the war ends in some way or other”.

“The war ensures that Ukraine is getting even closer to NATO,” stressed Stoltenberg, who stated that “when we start training pilots (Ukrainians in the management of American F16 fighters), of course, then there will be more interoperability, they will be more close to NATO by using more and more NATO equipment”.

kyiv has the necessary capabilities to recapture more territory

“Ukraine has shown its ability to regain territory, and I am sure it has the capabilities it needs to regain more territory,” the Norwegian politician said at a press conference with Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš, with whom he met today. at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

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Stoltenberg welcomed “significant announcements from allies” to provide Ukraine with cruise missiles and train Ukrainian pilots in the use of Western fighter jets.

“It is vital that we intensify and maintain our support, to ensure that Ukraine prevails as a free and sovereign nation,” Stoltenberg said, adding that at the summit of allied leaders to be held in Vilnius on July 11-12, “a strong signal of support” to Kiev.

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