Stielike: “Germany also lost the first game in Spain-82 and reached the final…”

Uli Stielike (Ketsch, Germany, November 15, 1954) is in Doha as FIFA ambassador. The legendary former Real Madrid player attended AS to talk about tomorrow’s game between his country and Spain. For ‘the tank’ Stielike “it will be an all or nothing match, with passion, strength and intensity. In Germany they can forgive a defeat against Spain, but only if the players leave their skin on the field. So I expect a combative and competitive team.”

Do you think Spain has the advantage in this match?

-For me, and by a lot. Spain is happy, with a lot of confidence after the defeat of Costa Rica. So many goals give a lot of morale and that’s good for the group. But on the other hand it can be confusing. In a tournament like the World Cup each game is different and unique. And if you arrive thinking that you come from thrashing you can be wrong. And even more so if you have a team like Germany in front of you.

How do you see your country’s team?

-Well, it is full of doubts and distrust, with a bad atmosphere and with regret for the defeat in the first game. But when Germany is hurt it is even more dangerous, as is the case with all great teams that have a story behind them. My generation, for example, had a similar experience at the World Cup in Spain. We lost the first game, against Algeria in Gijón. It was a very hard stick. But we recovered and in the second game we thrashed Chile, little by little we went further and ended up playing in the final…

Do you expect many changes in Germany?

-I expect many changes, and not only in the lineup but also in the game system. We have already seen that what was done does not work and will have to be changed. I hope that the coach, Flick, whom I also see touched and doubtful, will react and move the team forward. As I have said, all the teams and national teams can lose a game, but what is expected of the greats is that they react. What distinguishes a great team from the rest is that it knows how to react under pressure. I expect the same from Germany.

What do you think of Spain?

-I have not seen it live yet because I have only come to the World Cup for ten days and I have started by seeing the teams with which I have worked, such as Qatar and Korea, and of course my country, Germany. But I know Luis Enrique’s team, which is very vertical and very young. He is in good spirits, but I hope they have more difficulties than in the first game.

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Of those young Spaniards you are talking about, would you perhaps stay with Gavi and Pedri?

-Honestly, I am more prudent when it comes to young people. I don’t get carried away… I think both Gavi and Pedri have great talent, of course. But in the elite you are not only for talent, you are for talent and continuity. We are going to judge them in a while, to see if they confirm everything they point out.

Do you think the same of Musiala?

-Well, the same. Musiala is also a great talent, but he is a shy boy who in his life outside the field does not interact, does not give interviews, does not appear on TV… all this seems fine to me, but if on the field does the opposite. When one is on the green he has to have personality, hierarchy and strength. You have to impose yourself and say, here I am! If you want to be shy in your personal life, go ahead. But on the grass you have to be seen and you have to be noticed.

In the match between Germany and Saudi Arabia, his country dominated the first half and part of the second, but did not finish closing the game and ended up losing. Did you expect it?

-The defeat was unexpected, of course. But the rest usually happens. If you arrive and you arrive and you don’t rivet at the end you can lose. Germany played well overall, but lost. He played soft, made few fouls, and at a low intensity that is useless for the World Cup. Here, in the World Cup, either you play with a strong foot, intensity and competitiveness, you do nothing.

Will Germany go out to eat Spain?

-What you have to do is go out and win, with pressure and strength from minute one. You have to give it your all. In Germany they can forgive a defeat, but as long as they have left their body and soul on the pitch. If they don’t, criticism will rain down on them.

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