When the soap opera Raheem Sterling seemed to specify what his next destination would be, ‘The Athletic’ has confirmed that the British winger would be rethinking his situation in the Manchester City, with which he is still willing to renew for the next season. Let’s remember that the English contract ends in 2023 and that he is half a foot out of the Premier club if he does not renew.

Raheem Sterling was already in a delicate situation after being displaced from the starting eleven and not feeling like a protagonist of the team again Pep Guardiola. Manchester City has recently closed the signing of Erling Haaland, which seemed to accentuate the problem even more and that Sterling would become one of the insured collateral damage after the arrival of the Norwegian.

Sterling wants a more notorious role to continue at City

However, as reported by the aforementioned British media, the citizen attacker will wait until mid-June, after the matches with the England team, to make a final decision about his future. Raheem Sterling has maintained contact with the sky-blue club regarding a new contract renewal, but the Manchester City winger asks to have a greater role for Guardiola, especially in the big games.

According to the information exposed, the final decision on the future of Raheem Sterling with respect to Manchester City will be in the hands of the Spanish coach, Pep Guardiola. The path of the British footballer will depend on his decision to have him or not, which has become the desire of several important clubs that are pending his situation.


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