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Stadia: you can now use your smartphone as a gamepad

Google announced that Stadia gamers can now use their smartphones as controllers to play Stadia games on a TV, while opening up support for more third-party controllers.

Google Stadia virtual controller
Credit: Google

Whether on Android TV or Google TV, Stadia players can already use other controllers such as Xbox, PS or even the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Only the Chromecast Ultra was only compatible with the official Stadia controller.

Google is rolling out a feature called Phone Link that will allow Stadia players to use their Android phone or iPhone as a virtual gamepad. In the Stadia app, you will find a new option to use your smartphone as a virtual controller. Once you select this option, a new screen will appear with instructions on how to pair your phone with the TV you are using to play.

Your smartphone allows you to connect more different controllers

Phone Link not only allows you to use your smartphone as a virtual controller, but also as a bridge to connect unsupported controllers to your TV for gaming. You can then plug in a lot of older controllers when playing on one device.

For example, if you are using a Chromecast Ultra and want to play a Stadia game with an Xbox One controller, you will need to use the Stadia link code displayed on the TV screen to connect to the Stadia app on your phone. You will then need to press the controller icon in the application, then connect the Xbox controller to your phone via Bluetooth. Then press the controller that appears on the Stadia phone app, then “Play on TV” and enter the code with the buttons on your controller.

This expanded controller support could help drive Stadia adoption asit’s now easier than ever to install the app on your TV and play with any bluetooth controller. The month of September is coming to an end, don’t forget to claim your free games if you are subscribed to Stadia Pro. As a reminder, the cloud gaming platform offers a free plan that allows you to play the games you buy from its catalog, but Stadia also offers a few free-to-play games. These include Destiny 2, Crayta and Super Bomberman R Online.

Source: Google

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