The jury that awards the Pulitzer Prizes awarded this Monday with a "special mention" Ukrainian journalists for their "courage, endurance and commitment" in the coverage of the invasion of his country by Russia, in a ceremony in which several journalists of Latin origin who work in US media were also awarded.

The jury awarded a "special mention" to Ukrainian journalists during the announcement of the winners of the 2022 edition of the prestigious prizes awarded annually by New York’s Columbia University.

"The Pulitzer Prize jury is pleased to award a special mention to Ukrainian journalists for their courage, endurance and commitment to the truth during Vladimir Putin’s ruthless invasion of their country and his propaganda war in Russia"said awards administrator Marjorie Miller.

"Despite bombings, kidnappings, occupation and even those who fell in their ranks (Ukrainian journalists) have persevered to provide an accurate picture of a terrible reality, honoring Ukraine and journalists around the world"Miller said at the award ceremony for these prestigious awards in New York.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), an international NGO based in New York, seven journalists – three of them Ukrainian – have been killed in Ukraine since the Russian invasion that began on February 24.

The newspaper The New York Times took three awards.


The newspaper won in the international news category for reporting on civilian deaths in US-led aerial bombardments in the Middle East, particularly Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

He was also honored for his investigation of deadly police traffic stops in the United States.

Journalist Salamishah Tillet won in the critics category for her articles on racism in art and culture.

– Latino Winners –

The Washington Post won in the public service category for its "compelling and vivid narrative" of the irruption of the followers of former President Donald Trump in the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Among the winners is the journalist of Ecuadorian origin Marissa J. Lang, who recalled that the story "It has not finished".

A report on the home fires in Chicago earned Mexican Cecilia Reyes, a reporter for the investigative team of the Chicago Tribune, the coveted award along with Madison Hopkins from the Best Government Association for the analysis of the long history of defective buildings and the legislation on fires, which allowed homeowners to break regulations resulting in dozens of preventable deaths.

The Mexican Luis Carrasco, born in El Paso, but raised in Ciudad Juárez, is part of the award-winning team of the Houston Chronicle for an investigation that revealed tactics to suppress the vote and refuted alleged accusations of electoral fraud.

Likewise, a radio report made by Futuro Media, founded by the journalist María Hinojosa in 2010, won the Pulitzer for "Smooth"a podcast about the integration into society of a man who spent 30 years in prison.

Future Media produces "Latin USA"the radio program with news about the Latin world.

The Miami Herald, where several Latinos work, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in the category of disasters that reported on the collapse of a condominium tower.

Five photographers from the Getty agency won in the photography category for their graphic coverage of the assault.

They share the award with Marcus Yam of the Los Angeles Times, who was honored for his images of the departure of US forces from Afghanistan last August.

Four Reuters photographers, including Danish Siddiqui, who was killed while covering fighting between Afghan security forces and the Taliban in July, won the reporting category for documenting India’s battle against COVID-19.


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