Spanish tanks and the red flag on the Ukrainian front: “Thank you Spain!”

Ukraine’s President Volodomir Zelensky has been knocking on the doors of major foreign ministries for two years, begging for weapons to fight the Russian invasion, which is now two years old.

In the first moments the help came sporadically, but as the weeks went by it faded The West opened the tap for the supply of all kinds of weapons, from tanks to planes to missiles. The final step, the deployment of troops, proposed this Monday by French President Emmanuel Macron, appears more difficult to achieve.

Although Kiev is not getting everything it wants, all support is welcome, and on this second anniversary of the war, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has gone out of its way to thank allied countries for their contribution. Spain is one of them.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense uploaded on social networks a video in which he thanks Spain for supplying weaponsparticularly the Hawk air defense systems and the Leopard tanks, and has the value of allowing us to appreciate a rare image: that of seeing the Spanish military units operating at the front.

In the video, which lasts just over half a minute and ends with “Thank you, Spain,” the Leopard tanks can apparently be seen in action. even with the Spanish flag, which some of the soldiers also carry.

Furthermore, the video sends a message: “Falcons to defend the sky. Leopards to defend the earth. ATGMs to destroy the enemy” (English acronym for Anti-Tank Guided Missiles).

The video lasts 33 seconds and shows the above weapon models in action. Some of the military installations shown in the pictures carry Spanish flags.

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At all meetings he held with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, or with the Spanish authorities, Zelensky publicly thanked our country for its support. Now, on the second anniversary of the war, he wanted to make it explicitly clear.

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