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Spanish sport has a woman’s name

The weekend was fruitful for him Spanish women’s sport. One image was recorded above the rest, that of Paula Badosa, for the significance of its success in Indian wells, for the relevance of tennis, for its projection … But there were more champions, all of them worthy of merit. The harvest started on Saturday with two teams. Was crowned first water polo in the Junior World Cup, ten years after his previous alirón. A feat that ensures the future in a pool accustomed to joys, a future that began to be written this summer, because in the ranks of the National Team that hung olympic silver in Tokyo I was Elena Ruiz, 16 years old, the leader of this emerging group. That same afternoon came the sixth title consecutive of the absolute of roller hockey in a European, a traditional discipline on the podiums. Sunday was not far behind. Laia Sanz added her sixth World Cup in enduro, the twentieth if we add his 16 golds in trial. AND Astou Ndour collaborated in the ring of Chicago Sky at the WNBA, as before they had done Amaya valdemoro, on three occasions, and Anna Cruz.

Spanish sport had a woman’s name in two fertile days. And this week she continues her story in women, thanks to a reference that transcends the podiums. It is obviously about Teresa Peraleyes, that already walks his example by Oviedo, where on Friday he will pick up the Princess of Asturias Award. Swimmer collects 27 medals in the Paralympics, 22 in World Cups … But, above all, it is a mirror for athletes with disabilities, for female athletes, for non-athletes, and for society in general. Perales comes from suffering a health problem, still without diagnosis, for which he had to extend his stay at the Games in a Japanese hospital. A fighter who smiles again, while airing an ambitious goal, one more: “I want to compete in Paris 2024”.

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