Spanish dominance: Prado and Fernández share the first victories

Spain could not be better represented in MXGP. We already assumed that Jorge Prado and Ruben Fernandez They were going to put the Spanish flag high in the premier class of the World Cup, but the start in Argentina even exceeded expectations. because the Galicians victories were shared. The first, for the GasGas pilot and the second, for the Honda. And both, sixth and fifth respectively in the heats that they did not win, climbed to the podium with Rubén opening at the top and Jorge third behind Herlings.

It already started in an excellent way on Sunday in Patagonia for Spanish interests. Prado was awarded the first holeshot of the day, the specialty of the house, but he only kept the lead for a few corners because Fernández made a good interior for him to take the lead. there it started a beautiful duel of Galician blood, with Jorge trying to find the gap to pass Rubén and, after putting a lot of pressure on him, he found it on the sixth lap. That was how long the emotion for the victory lasted because the Lugo player put the direct and left.

Now it was a matter of seeing if the man from Honda was capable of certifying the Spanish double, and he was at it, enduring the attacks from Febvre and Renaux (who crashed in pursuit), when Suffered a fall. One of those “rookie mistakes” that I wanted to avoid at all costs at the start of the season and that relegated him to the fifth final position, behind Febvre, Renaux and Herlings. A lesser evil because it ended up in the top-5 and he found himself with the rhythm to fight for the podium, the objective with which he faced the second race.

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Overwhelming triumph to debut

And this was demonstrated by the man from Vigo with another brilliant start. This time, it was Coldenhoff who would take a holeshot very disputed, but as soon as they passed a couple of curves Fernández was already ahead. Same situation as in the first race for him, but not for Prado, who found himself locked up at the start and the start was complicated. Jonass, Herlings and Renaux got between the two Spaniards and now it was the GasGas man who was forced to try the comeback. Renaux helped him with another fall (the third of the day), but shortly after Seewer passed him.

It was difficult for Prado to find his rhythm on a circuit that was very different from that of the first race, drier and faster, while the opposite was true for Fernández and each lap he was moving away from his pursuers with a devastating pace. So much so that He came to have up to ten seconds of rent and crossed the finish line with seven to score his first victory in a MXGP race. Behind, Febvre passed Prado and left him sixth, but he maintained the World Championship lead thanks to his victory on Saturday. That “how nice it is to have two Spaniards up there” is no longer just a matter of Formula 1…

This is how the MXGP World Championship begins

Classification of the MXGP Argentina World Cup.


Classification of the MXGP Argentina World Cup.MXGP

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