Spain: strange encounters between sailors and killer whales are increasing

The navigation was quiet off the coast of Spain when suddenly, a dozen orcas rushed towards the boat, before surrounding it. A member of the crew filmed the ballet of cetaceans, which attacked the rudder, the submerged part of the rudder. The killer whales struck the hull repeatedly. Fearing a shipwreck, Sébastien Destremau, former skipper, warned the coastguards.

Scientists are struggling to identify the reason for the phenomenon

The sailor did not feel aggressive but these mammals, weighing 7 tons on average, have a frightening power. “It’s really powerful as a shock, they attacked the rudder (…), they took the boat, they made it turn”describes Sébastien Destremau. He was sailing in an area where encounters with killer whales are increasing – they often attack saffron. Defense of their territory, or simple game? Scientists are struggling to identify the reason for the phenomenon.

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