South Korean Nexon wants to use Polygon for popular game MapleStory

South Korean game studio Nexon plans to run a so-called Polygon supernet to support MapleStory. MapleStory is a very successful MMORPG that you can compare to Word of Warcraft. The game has 180 million registered users, so it is really not a small boy on the world stage.

Good for Polygon

It is of course a fantastic development for Polygon that a game developer like Nexon is interested in using their technology. Over the past 24 hours, Polygon’s MATIC token is up 5 percent following the news.

With a Polygon supernet, Nexon can build its own blockchain that meets the requirements needed for their game. Currently, users buy and sell items using MapleStory’s own currency.

Soon it will be possible to earn and collect NFT items by playing MapleStory. Thanks to Polygon’s technology, the blockchain world is now one step closer to mass adoption, because MapleStory is really a gigantic game.

Nexon and Bitcoin

Incidentally, Nexon is not new when it comes to Bitcoin. In bought April 2021 the game developer namely for $ 100 million in Bitcoin. In addition, it started accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods in December 2021.

In that respect, it seems as if a group of important people within Nexon are convinced of the future of Bitcoin and the technology underlying crypto. An investment of 100 million is not nothing, even for a large company like Nexon.

For that $100 million, it bought about 1717 Bitcoin, which is currently worth about $50 million. In that respect, Nexon will not be very happy with their decision to get into Bitcoin for $ 100 million.

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