Soto Grado gave Atlético the finishing touch

Bye. Atlético lost in the Cup and the season is going to be very long. The Madrid team had a very good first half, displaying good football. Simeone’s men could have increased their lead, but they didn’t… It can’t be said that Atlético played a bad game, although Real Madrid pressed on in the second half. While the gasoline theorists lasted, Atlético had their rival on the ropes.

Extension. It seemed sung that the game would go to extra time. It happened on all occasions that both teams faced a single match. But it happened that the attitude of those who entered with the game started was different from that of those who played at the beginning. It is a derby and it gave the impression that some left their skin (the criticized De Paul, among others) and some did not. Griezmann was, once again, the best. He missed scoring. But he is still in great shape.

Abuse. Morata fought, fought, gave everything… she scored and fought. And the public at the Bernabéu called him a rat, something that we could consider as unsportsmanlike. On all sides and in all fields there are actions that are not very decent. Unfortunate what happened during the day with Vinicuis. I think things like this can happen. And that we have to put up with them. And just as painful about Morata and those fans who called him a rat.

soto degree. It usually happens in matches against Real Madrid. The referee forgave the second yellow to Ceballos and in the end the one who left the field was Savic. Soto Grado is another of those who has no luck when refereeing Atlético. He did not have it in San Sebastián in a deplorable performance and at the Bernabéu he became Swedish in the action that he had to hit the Real Madrid player in the locker room. He did not have the guts to throw Ceballos out. Savic, a very veteran player, sinned as a rookie in the action of the second yellow card. But Madrid will not be able to make any complaint to the La Rioja collegiate. In such close matches, a decision can be decisive. Big Soto Grado.

carrasco. It’s a shame the meeting of the Belgian. Carrasco entered in the second half and had a good opportunity to show his quality. He did not do it and he is less and less important in the team. At the end of the season he will leave and Samuel Lino will come, that surely puts him more desire than the Belgian. A template renewal is coming. The team needs him.

The league. Simeone’s men only have the league championship left and ensure their presence in the Champions League. It is the least that can be asked of the Madrid team. It will not be easy, since Real Sociedad is strong and Villarreal and Betis also aspire to the same. It is useless to lament and you have to think about what remains. Stay with the positive. Winning at the Bernabeu was a complicated mission.

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