Home Tech Sony will solve the problem with the terrible names of its products

Sony will solve the problem with the terrible names of its products

Sony will solve the problem with the terrible names of its products

Sony has time and again demonstrated its ability to offer high-quality products across categories such as headphones, smartphones, speakers and televisions. However, there is one aspect that is always the subject of criticism: the names of their products.

Let’s take headphones for example. We come across names like Sony WH-1000XM5, Sony WH-CH720N and Sony WH-XB910N which are quite difficult to remember and confusing. On the other hand, their current flagship headphones are called Sony WH-1000XM5 while their high-end headphones are called Sony WF-1000XM5. The difference is one letter.

For some reason, the company chooses not to give its products proper names and instead refers to them directly by their model numbers.

Luckily, you’ll soon no longer have to drive yourself crazy trying to understand Sony’s strange names. The company has launched a few products in the last week, and one of the key changes is that the names are now much easier to understand.

Sony released this last week ULT linewhich includes three types of products: ULT tower for large speakers, ULTField for wireless portable speakers and ULT wear Sfor headphones. Previously, their speakers bore the acronym SRS, followed by some numbers like SRS-XP500 or SRS-XE300.

Sony has also simplified the naming of its new televisions and home theater systems. He Bravia 9 It’s your high-end mini LED TV, available in various sizes. He Bravia 8There is an OLED television underneath, which is available in three sizes. Below is the one Bravia 7another mini LED TV but with less brightness than that Bravia 9. Finally there is that Bravia 3, The most affordable of the bunch, a direct backlit LED TV that comes in a variety of sizes.

In addition to these TVs, Sony also introduced some audio products, mainly soundbars, now called “soundbars”. Bravia Theater. The current line contains the Bravia Theater Bar 9 And Bravia Theater Bar 8, He Bravia Theater Quad, a home theater system with four speakers for 360° audio and that Bravia Theater U, a wireless headphone system.

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