Solo Bitcoin miner unexpectedly produces a block for $150,000

An individual Bitcoin miner outruns the entire mining industry and managed to produce the 780,112th block, for which he or she received 6.5 Bitcoin. The estimated value of the entire block is approximately $150,000. Mining a block individually is quite rare, as it has only happened 270 times in the last 13 years.

Two days of work

What makes the luck of the individual miner even more impressive is that he was only there for two days. Normally it could take months or years if you as an individual get started with a reasonable setup. Based on the size of this miner, it should take an average of 10 months for him or her to find a block.

The miner in question created a solo mining pool with the services of Solo CK Pool. For this, the miner in question received 6.25 Bitcoin in block subsidy and another 0.63 Bitcoin in transaction costs.

Dr Con Kolivas, the administrator of Solo CK mining pool with the Twitter username @ckpooldev says that the miner behind this block may have temporarily rented the hashpower to produce the block. That would have been the decision of the century for this person, because it brought in a nice $ 150,000.

Solo CK Pool

It is not the first time that someone has succeeded in producing a block for the blockchain using Solo CK Pool’s software. The software has been behind several solo blocks lately. For example, there were two in January 2022, produced in quick succession on January 11 and January 24.

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In the meantime, another one has been added with the block of yesterday’s lucky miner. It is not highly recommended to do this yourself, because you really need a lot of luck to get money out of it.

In most cases, this will not be profitable and is almost equivalent to buying a lottery ticket. It can of course be a nice way to dive into Bitcoin mining yourself and learn more about it.

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