Soho House Mexico City supports women’s creativity

To support women with creative projects, Soho House in Mexico City has launched the Soho Futures Women’s Grant.

This initiative marks the expansion of the Soho Futures program into Latin America with the aim of overcoming the socio-economic and gender barriers that have traditionally limited women’s access to the creative industries.

Known as a space for networking and commitment to the creative community, Soho House offers everything from mentoring to entertainment to connections within the creative industry, providing the perfect environment to promote your project.

Since its inception, Soho Futures has been dedicated to empowering creatives from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds. Programs such as Soho Mentorship and Soho Fellowship have provided key mentorship, support and resources to help these talents succeed in their careers.

A global initiative

What started as an adventure in the UK has grown into a global initiative that has benefited more than 1,200 young people in 30 cities around the world.

Nick Jones, founder of Soho House, has expressed his passion for empowering the next generation and emphasized the importance of creating spaces where people can connect, share ideas and help each other succeed.

With the arrival of Soho House in Mexico City comes the opportunity to launch the Soho Futures Women’s Grant. This program aims to address gender disparities in the labor market and creative industries, taking into account the numerous barriers Mexican women face, from the wage gap to limited access to opportunities in creative fields.

The scholarship awards a total of 500,000.00 MXN to several projects led by Mexican women, providing them with the tools and support they need to implement their creative initiatives. The fund looks for innovative ideas that make a positive contribution to society or the environment.

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A jury made up of leading personalities from various creative disciplines is responsible for selecting the winners.

Among them are film director Mariana Arriaga, chef Patricia Conde, musician and singer-songwriter Carla Sariñana, creative director Rita Marimendi and model, actress and mental health promoter Mariana Zaragoza, all active members of Soho House Ciudad from Mexico .

Applications for the Soho Futures Women’s Grant are open from March 18th to April 21st, ideally for women who are not part of the Soho House community.

Winners will have the opportunity to receive mentoring and support in developing their projects and presenting the results in the House of Representatives.

You are not limited to applying to other women outside of Mexico City, but it would be ideal to gain the full experience of House of Representatives participation and mentoring.

To apply for the scholarship, visit this page shortcut For more information on eligibility criteria, visit

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