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Simeone has a favorite among Atlético’s loanees: Carrasco’s replacement

The departure of the Belgian attacker is almost a fact, and from the sports management they have given a solution to the Argentine coach that he liked and for which he has given the green light. It is a matter of time before he returns to Cívitas.

The situation of the extreme left Yannick Carrasco has been simmering for a long time, and his departure from the Simeone squad is almost certain. Most likely the Belgian I ended up at FC Barcelona, ​​after an agreement between both entities, where its details have not yet been revealed. The truth is that the player will no longer be in the Athletic.

Since the idea of ​​the mattress team is to reinforce all the positions that were violated this season, but also to cover the gaps like the one that Carrasco will leave, the most feasible solution is on loan. This way they not only save good money but also take advantage of the level they have taken in the teams where they were.

Simeone Carrasco
For Diego Simeone, the best loan player Atlético currently has, is Samuel Lino.

Simeone chooses Samuel Lino as Yannick Carrasco’s replacement

The level that Samuel Lino took at Valencia CF was quite evident, to the point of being one of the best in attack by Rubén Baraja, and even by Gennaro Gattuso. In this course he added 3,103 minutes spread over 40 games, where he scored 8 goals and 3 assists. Some figures that have Miguel Ángel Corona calling the offices of the Madrid team, to request another assignment.

The truth is that the request will be denied since Simeone has requested the return of the Brazilian attacker, to cover the loss of Carrasco. Like Baraja, the Argentine coach was very aware of the striker’s evolution, with the black and white elastic. From Cholo’s perception, the carioca is ready to test finesse in the mattress discipline.

Samuel Lino will finally play under the orders of Simeone and will have the great challenge of making Carrasco forget

The South American attacker will finally play for the team that bought his sports rights in the summer market last year. Let’s remember that the player came from Portugal’s Gil Vicente, did pre-season with the rojiblanca jersey, but in the end he went on loan to the Che team precisely by decision of the Argentine coach.

Now that Yannick Carrasco is leaving and that Samuel Lino is at a higher level, everything is aligned for the Brazilian to start to succeed in a big way. The emotion of the former Sao Bernardo is understandable, because he will finally play internationally, and in nothing more and nothing less than the Champions League. A factor that brings him closer to his dream, to reach Canarinha.

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