Simeone had to accept the sale of Nahuel Molina

As long as the coach continues to defend the Argentine team with all his might, the Colchonero team will suffer in the remaining games.

No matter how difficult it is for the coach Diego Simeonethe sale of the site Nahuel Molina It is a very necessary question. So much is needed to finance further signings such as its replacementbut his departure is more of a priority because the level that exists is deplorable. According to general statistics, the rival most often attacks from the gaucho’s side.

In the last game of Sporty who unfortunately lost as a visitor Alaves, the Argentine full-back was involved in one of the many. The move for the Babazorro club’s first goal came from the right wing. Not to mention that the team passed on that flank Luis García.

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Simeone defends Nahuel Molina against all odds, but fans have already seen it all. Photo: Gol Digital.

Simeone defends Nahuel Molina and rejects his sale

Before the game, precisely in the pre-match press conference, the Argentine coach confirmed the ownership of the Gaucho winger. “He is a noble and hard-working boy. It will go through this current phase and bring many, very good things.” the South American coach initially said while including him in his starting XI.

“Molina is a very important player for us, who has a lot of good things, has to correct others, like all footballers, and in some cases a mistake could make us more aware of what it can do.because he has proven that he does it very well,” said Diego Simeone.

Nahuel Molina’s replacement comes from LaLiga Hypermotion

Apparently the sports management, with the approval of Enrique Cerezo, was looking for a solution to the problem of the Argentine full-back. This is Uruguayan defender Santiago Mouriño, who has been playing for Real Zaragoza since the start of the season. Although his original position is in the middle of the defense, he has also been seen as very active on the right side.

The Uruguayan player’s entourage has already viewed positively any kind of bet in this summer market. The former Racing Montevideo knows that it is very difficult for the white team to gain promotion this season, which is why his personal advancement is at stake. Likewise, Simeone will continue to support Nahuel Molina until the end.

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