Simeone does not want mistakes in Atlético 2024: signing to attack all the titles

From the mattress environment there is already talk of key movements and the coach has already requested a stellar

Atlético de Madrid is already working towards the following season where, hand in hand with Simeone They hope to be protagonists in the 2023-2024 academic year. A new course is coming, where Cholo has once again led the rojiblancos to the Champions League and where, of course, they want to have the relevance that they did not have in the last edition.

Let’s remember that Simeone does not want to leave anything to chance in the new Atlético de Madrid in 2024. There are several demarcations that are a headache for the coach and which must be reinforced immediately. In this sense, Andrea Berta is already working on the registrations that those of the Civitas Metropolitano will have.

Athletic Simeone 2024
Simeone remains attentive to the arrival of a top-level winger

Diego Pablo Simeone hopes that Atlético de Madrid in 2024 will be more solid in defense and already has a signing in mind

In this way, it has already been possible to know the first request of Cholo in order to strengthen the mattress defense. And it is that there are several casualties there, the most worrying being that of Reinildo. The left-hander has been injured for a long time and will return until the final leg of this year. For this reason, it has been a priority to add a winger and the one who earns the most integers is a star.

In that order of ideas Simeone will not save anything and it is clear that the Atlético must incorporate a top player on the left side by 2024. There, there are multiple possibilities, but a name that comes to light is that of José Luis Gayá. The Valencia CF footballer continues to be one of the best in his position and the one who has been in the rojiblanca orbit for some time.

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José Luis Gayá is the name that once again gains relevance in the environment of the rojiblancos

If this incorporation occurs, the coach could win a quality winger and a leader. With this, he could secure an area that requires changes and where he has been vulnerable. In addition, with their role they could consolidate a team that can fight for all the titles of the season. Of course, it will not be a move at all easy to assume.

Although Valencia CF has achieved permanence, there is a lot of discomfort among several players. The instability offered by Peter Lim has led the Che to fight until the last duel for salvation. In any case, convincing Gayá will not be easy, since his love for the Mestalla club is too much and he has declined multiple offers for it. He will have to wait for what can happen.

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