Simeone, about the Clásico: “All the ways to win are good; You have to respect and be consistent”

Diego Pablo Simeone spoke to the media in the preview of Atlético-Sevilla of this Saturday. The coach, who cannot count on the injured Reinildo, Reguilón and De Paul or the injured Correa, valued Doherty’s moment and also some situations from the Cup Classic.

Did you see the Clásico yesterday and the way Barça played?

Soccer is a game that alternates situations in matches. Barça understood that at that moment they needed that game to win and they represented it in the best way to win. Words are words. What counts is what you see, are the facts. It was comfortable for him, he defended organized, Madrid had no situations. We congratulate Barça on the game.

What do you think about Atleti’s game being stigmatized?

A function is positioned in a certain situation and even if that is not seen, it appears. When represented by another team, he looks normal. The only thing that counts is winning and there are different ways to win, they are all good, you have to respect them and be consistent with what you feel.

There was an action by De Jong and Vinicius that was similar to that of Ferran and Savic in Atlético-Barça, except that they were sent off. How did he see it?

Just like you saw it. Seeing the images we also wondered. What can be counted is exceeded, to what is seen it is difficult to add more things. It will depend on the interpretation, as always, on what the referees understand to do so that everything is even.

How do you see Doherty?

He is working very well, from less to more since he arrived. He has options to play. Let’s hope that if he touches you, or touches you for a while, he does it in the best way.

What stands out about Sampaoli?

I focus first on Sevilla, a team with good footballers, who always compete well and bring out important players in defense, which is not easy with substitutions and transitions to other footballers. The arrival of Sampaoli has generated order, work and a recognized system. It is a team that attacks very well, generates a good game in its disorder and its offensive positioning with verticality. The team has grown, especially with what it transmits in terms of pressure, recovery after loss…

What is the growth of Atlético due to?

Are moments. All the teams have high moments, others lower ones… You have to know how to live together when the moments are low. Unfortunately we do not live well with that stage. Now we seek to be a block, we are seen wanting to do well and hopefully tomorrow we can have significant support from our people. It will be a tough match. Sevilla is always an important rival.

What do you ask of the fans for the remainder of the season?

The beauty of what we have left is the opportunity to re-enter the Champions League. From there, it is an illusion to see your team in that competition. To get to it, we need the four legs that have always made us someone important.

Compared to Sevilla, do you feel that your 11 seasons in the Champions League serve to vindicate you?

I don’t appreciate it from that place. Sevilla is always Sevilla, a competitive team that gives its best until the end. In the Europa League he has options, in the League he is recovering…

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