Signs of severe depression from crypto land: there is always help

The falling market is annoying for almost all traders and a lot of money is lost. Are you a spot trader and do you use money that you -in theory- can do without? Zoom out. Bitcoin goes through cycles and so far with some patience the price will rise again (although of course this can never be a guarantee).

Have you lost money that you really couldn’t afford to miss? Unfortunately, we also read a lot of stories about this and get signals here and there. Then talk about it, make sure that people in personal circles can support you where necessary. We also see with the latest LUNA and UST declines that many people have all their savings here discontinued for a ‘passive incomeUnfortunately, the situation surrounding LUNA and UST is far from resolved and we are seeing serious reports of suicidal thoughts on various social media (mainly Twitter and Reddit).

Do you or do you know someone who experiences these thoughts? Do not be ashamed and contact 0800-113 immediately.

And for our community on Telegram, Discord, Instagram or wherever; try to support each other a little during this period as much as you can. In the end we will have to get through it together, so put a heart to each other!


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