Signing made in Luis Campos despairs Celta

The work of Luis Campos in Celta has left many doubts, because the truth is that the transfers that he recommended to the club last summer market have not given the expected results

He Celta Vigo is in a very difficult situation due to the work of louis fields. Since the renowned Portuguese sports director became a sports adviser, the signings that have arrived have not lived up to expectations. In fact, at the moment the team is immersed in the fight to stay in the Santander League for another season.

The results have not been as expected, neither under the orders of Coudet nor Carvalhal. It is for this reason that the responsibility could be in the sports management, which has not been successful with the signings. Transfers that have left many doubts throughout the season. But despite everything, Luis Campos remains determined to trust this type of transfer for Celta.

Luis Campos leaves many doubts in Celta due to the poor performance of his signings
Gustavo Assunçao sounds for Celta

Luis Campos wants to risk one more summer at Celta

Despite the dismal performance of many of his signings, Luis Campos has once again shown interest in an unknown player for most fans. A player who has generated uncertainty in the sports management of the club, as well as in the fans themselves. Some fans who ask for the arrival of more contrasted players in the Santander League.

On this occasion, the footballer they have been interested in is Gustavo Assunçao, who currently plays for Famaliçao in the Portuguese league. This footballer would be the new target for the signing of Luis Campos, who sees in him a player with great potential. However, due to his little experience, it may also be a new failure in the market for the Portuguese sports director.

Assunçap, success or failure?

At 23 years old, Gustavo Assunçao has had a decent season in Portugal, showing outstanding performance in midfield. Campos believes that the Brazilian has considerable potential and could be a valuable addition to the team. However, Celta’s sports management is reluctant about this signing.

Especially after the experiences with players like Luca de la Torre, Williot Swedberg or Strand Larsen, whose contributions to the team have not been as expected. That is why there is concern about whether Assunçao is really the player the club needs to strengthen his squad. Something that could mark a before and after in Luis Campos’ relationship with Celta.

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