Home Sports Shortstop acts in a double game and does not make an out.

Shortstop acts in a double game and does not make an out.

Paracorto actúa en doble partido y no realiza out.

On Friday June 25, 1976 at Arlington Stadium, home of the Texas Rangers, this club faced the Chicago White Sox for a doubleheader. In the first match, the homeowners took the victory with a score of 8-4 and the visitors were in charge of beating the homeowners with a score of 14-9 in the second match.

In this double engagement, Texas shortstop, Toby Harrah played the entire two games at that position and as a strange case no player from Chicago hit for his field at any time on the day to be this feat the only one that has been performed in the Major Leagues by a shortstop. 

Harrah batted in the first game 5 – 3, one of his hits was a grand slam, he drove in five in the game and then in the second batting 3 – 3 in which he also produced a two-run homer. In the two games he produced eight returns, going 6-for-8, but never made contact with the ball on defense.

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