BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union (EU) has announced that it will remain neutral in its bid to expand its European Union (EU).

According to foreign media reports, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schlinberg told reporters in Brussels that Austria is not a member of NATO and has no plans to become a member of NATO in the near future.

Regarding Sweden and Finland’s desire to join the NATO military bloc, he said he fully respects the decisions of Helsinki and Stockholm, which are his decisions and have nothing to do with us.

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The Austrian Foreign Minister took a firm stand that Austria would continue its policy as a neutral country, but gave a clear signal to the Russian President of the steps taken by Sweden and Finland. Moscow’s policies were flawed.

Speaking to reporters in Brussels, Alexander Schlinberg said Russia had further mobilized NATO, forcing Sweden and Finland to join the NATO alliance.

Helsinki and Stockholm, meanwhile, have formally announced their intention to join the NATO bloc, much to Russia’s chagrin, and have said in no uncertain terms that the two countries will have to answer for joining the NATO alliance.