Shiba Inu races past the crypto market after positive news

The world of cryptocurrencies never stands still, as the recent rise of Shiba Inu (SHIB) proves once again. The memecoin has recorded an impressive increase of more than 20% in just four hours. This has everything to do with starting a new relationship.

Developer memecrypto announces major collaboration

Shiba Inu, often affectionately called Shiba, is a well-known cryptocurrency that has gained attention for its meme-like branding and large community. While many traditional investors remain skeptical of the memecoin’s value, Shiba Inu has built a large following. Thanks in part to its strong online presence and active community on social media. That is the case this time too.

The main developer of Shiba Inu, Shytoski Kusama, drew attention with an A X contribution (formerly Twitter). He said the currency was working on a crucial partnership. The collaboration aims to revolutionize encryption and data protection within their ecosystem.

Regarding X, Kusama writes the following:

“Our latest partnership is BIG. Pay close attention to why encryption and privacy are important to the Shib ecosystem and community!”

New developments for the Shiba network

Then the latest edition of The Shib Magazine mentioned in Kusama’s post, many new features were discussed. These will all be available for Shiba Inu soon. The community offered the first 3,000 users the opportunity to claim a special Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for free. This NFT features the cover of the fourteenth issue of the magazine. Meanwhile, the long-awaited “name brands” will be unveiled on March 5th.

This was quickly picked up by the coin’s supporters who are behind the dog breed, causing the currency’s price to rise. The coin rose by up to 20% within four hours. This is a strong upward movement in prices, continuing its momentum from the previous hours. This means that the Shiba price has risen by a total of 46% in the last seven days.

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Shiba has an opportune time for the project. For example, the KNINE token was recently launched. It is a new cryptocurrency launched as part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. It is also associated with the popular crypto project K9 Finance.

It also announced a merger with Tangem, a company that provides crypto wallet services. The crypto company has started combining Shibarium, a technology from Shiba Inu, to make it more secure and user-friendly. Finally, Sharbi’s FETCH bridge is part of the magazine. This “bridge” facilitates the exchange of information between different platforms.

1,000,000 free Shiba

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