Shell burning in the Turkish sky, did any missile and satellite collide?

According to international media, a burning green shell was seen last night in the sky of the Turkish city of Izmir at 2 in the afternoon, the images and videos of which are going viral on social media.

In the video, you can see that a ball is moving rapidly towards the earth from the sky, but suddenly a green fire breaks out in it and the sky is covered in green.

Consumers say it may have been a flying saucer that went out of control, and some commented that it was a missile that hit a satellite.

However, on social media, an astrophysics professor explained it.

The professor said that the fragments that fall from space are often burned before entering the Earth’s atmosphere and this was one of them, the piece that falls safely to the ground is called a meteorite.

According to the professor, every year in July and August there is a shower of rocks from space and every hour 50 pieces of meteorites fall towards the earth but most of them burn before entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

After this explanation from the professor, the frightened citizens got some consolation and calmed down.

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