Home Sports Sevilla FC knows how to get rid of Januzaj’s salary

Sevilla FC knows how to get rid of Januzaj’s salary

Sevilla FC knows how to get rid of Januzaj's salary

From the Seville club they are preparing a move that could be quite beneficial after the end of the winter window

He Seville CF The January transfer market has closed without much news, but still has priority in the march of Adnan Januzaj. The footballer who arrived as one of the important reinforcements in the last market did not finish adapting and his physical condition always left more doubts than certainties.

Januzaj does not count for the coach of the Sevilla FC Jorge Sampaoli, who in turn, has stated on more than one occasion that he prefers his departure. Of course, the Belgian’s course has not been easy at all, since he has a fairly high salary, which many are not willing to pay.

Januzaj would leave Sevilla after the market closes

From Sevilla FC they find a key exit for Adnan Januzaj

This is quite a big problem for the people of Seville, since they want to get rid of that salary. Either way, everything seems to indicate that they would have found a last-minute exit, which could be shocking to your finances. It would have to do directly with an offer from a somewhat exotic destination.

Thus, it has been known that Adnan Januzaj would leave Sevilla FC to head towards Qatar football. It is one of the possibilities that has gained strength in the last hours and that could happen without trouble, since the market is still open there. Although there are no details about it, the player could go on direct sale.

In Qatar they want the signing of the Belgian winger who is one of Sampaoli’s discards

In addition to Qatari football, some contacts have also been made from the Turkish Super League. The transfer window is also valid until February 9, so it is another alternative that Monchi contemplates for the future of the Belgian. The departure of the winger would be a relief so they will be attentive to the club that makes the first offer.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with this movement. At the moment, Januzaj’s future would be quite distant from Sevilla FC. They don’t want to count on a footballer who never got along and who is also not to the coach’s taste Sampaoli. The last minute departure generates a lot of expectation.

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