The Spanish police have arrested seven minors from the Los Trinitarios gang for the murder on April 27 of an 18-year-old boy in the Villaverde neighborhood of Madrid, who belonged to the rival group Dominican Don’t Play (DDP). .

The authorities reported this Wednesday that the suspects were arrested on May 6, without ruling out that the crime was revenge for the death of machetes in February of a 15-year-old teenager associated with the Trinitarians.

The detainees were handed over to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office; six of them are already in a closed juvenile center and the other was released guarded.

The young man who died in Villaverde, of Spanish nationality, was beaten and stabbed several times in a park. It is the fourth murder this year related to violent youth groups in Madrid.

Bloody from the stab wounds he suffered in the chest and back, the young man wandered until he fell in front of a supermarket on Calle de Alcocer. The medical teams displaced to the place could only certify his death.

The police were able to identify several of the alleged aggressors within a few days, within the framework of the Action Plan against youth gangs. A hundred agents participated in the operation to arrest and search several homes.

The delegate of the Spanish Government in Madrid, Mercedes González, recognized today, in a press conference, lthe social alarm that this case generated because it was "a murder of a very young boy, in broad daylight and close to a well-known supermarket".

This plan against violent youth gangs in Madrid has been three months old, with 45,406 people identified, 438 arrested, 298 weapons seized and 1,913 drug complaints.


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